Sunday, October 16, 2016

"Home" Again!

We had a good trip back to Brazil and have adjusted to the changes....especially the heat! We thank God daily for the precious extended family in OH that bought us an AC unit for our bedroom! On the trip we were able to witness to several people, including a Jewish man. At the São Paulo airport we led a lady who was selling snacks and water, to the Lord! Her name is Rosi. Please pray that she can find a good church and grow spiritually.
We also were able to buy a new stove with a special offering from a dear church in IN. Our old one was almost 40 years old and only had one burner (and no oven) working! What a blessing!
Lawanda saw a cardiologist here and he is pretty sure that her aortic aneurysm is due to a weakness in her blood vessels aggravated by high blood pressure. She is on medication for BP and also to protect her blood vessels and doesn't need to see him again for an entire year when she needs another CT scan done to evaluate if the aneurysm has enlarged or not. We are praising the Lord for that good news and thanking the church in WI who gave a special offering for our medical needs.
God is good....all the time!

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