Saturday, February 18, 2017

My Dear Daddy Turned 80!

I am sad that I could not be in Greenville, NC for the wonderful birthday celebration on January 14th when my precious Daddy (ROBERT DOOLITTLE)  turned 80!  Fortunately, 4 of his 7 children were present.  Left to right: Roger, Peter (on furlough), Timothy and Rachel. Stephen and I couldn't be there as we are missionaries in Brazil, and Philip is in Heaven.
All 4 of my children, their mates, and several other grandchildren were present and sang family favourites.
Since I was unable to be present I wrote a poem for my Dear Daddy, which my daughter, Janalee read:
 I Am Blessed Because of You!

                                 I AM BLESSED BECAUSE OF YOU!

My precious, precious Daddy 
Please listen to what I say:
My heart’s desire is to be with you 

On this very special day.

But God’s will for my life (plus twenty-four hundred dollars) 
Have kept it from being so;
Yet, I wanted to make it crystal clear
That I love you more than you know!

And though deep longings fill my heart 
With bittersweetness I can’t express, 
The tears that I weep are not sad tears 
For, because of YOU, I am blessed!

The Bible says: “The just man walks 
In his integrity;
His children are blessed after him.” 

And that speaks of YOU and ME!

So how can I be saddened,
Discouraged, downhearted, or blue, 

When Proverbs twenty ,verse seven says
That I am blessed because of YOU?

I sat down and started counting
The ways you have blessed me,
But had to stop in a few minutes
For I had reached two hundred and three!

Plus, I knew you would get dizzy 
And your company tired and bored, 
If every single one of them
I honestly explored.

So, if I had to make a choice
 And choose just a word or two, 
To quickly demonstrate the ways 
That I’ve been blessed by you,

I would have to say that your Example 
Has touched me more than you’ll know, 
Giving ME the desire to serve
The God you portray and love so!

I am blessed with eternal salvation 
‘Cause your life showed God to me, 
And if you ask your other children 
I think they all would agree.

Now we see your grandchildren,
And great-grandkids, far as we know,

 Saved and spiritually growing 
Because of seeds you did sow.

You taught us how to have victory 
Over discouragement and sin, 
And showed us through life's trials 
How to overcome and win!

You made my life an adventure,
A high-flying and fun-filled course; 

And the darling Mom you chose for us 
Was the stabilising force.

And so I say Dear Daddy:
I love you with all of my heart.
I know that God is The Blesser,
But you were faithful in doing your part!

Happy 80th Birthday, Dad!
May your strength be as your days! 

Thank you so much for blessing my life 
In so many marvellous ways! 

                          By - Lawanda Doolittle Duarte January 14, 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

A Graduation

One of the young ladies from our church graduated this week from college.  Viviane got her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting.  Congratulations, Sister!

Leading Souls To Christ

We are rejoicing in the recent decision of several people for salvation!  One day a homeless man came to church and asked to see the Pastor.  He said: "I am not asking for food or money, all I want is relief from this burden I carry, Can you help me?"  Of course Antonio led him to The One who is able to remove the burden of sin and give new life!  When they finished praying Luciano had tears of joy on his face and said: "What a relief! I feel so light in my chest!"

Antonio also had the privilege of leading his 94 year old uncle to the Lord!  Tio Eurico was a very staunch Catholic and opposed to the Gospel everytime we presented it to him over the past years.  Recently he said that Antonio's testimony had impressed him greatly and he was ready to be saved! Antonio is the only one who would witness to him without attacking the dozens of "saints" (idols) he had all over his house! Tio Eurico said: "Many have preached to me, but few have preached the truth!"

Rejoice with us and with the angels in Heaven!