Monday, February 6, 2017

Leading Souls To Christ

We are rejoicing in the recent decision of several people for salvation!  One day a homeless man came to church and asked to see the Pastor.  He said: "I am not asking for food or money, all I want is relief from this burden I carry, Can you help me?"  Of course Antonio led him to The One who is able to remove the burden of sin and give new life!  When they finished praying Luciano had tears of joy on his face and said: "What a relief! I feel so light in my chest!"

Antonio also had the privilege of leading his 94 year old uncle to the Lord!  Tio Eurico was a very staunch Catholic and opposed to the Gospel everytime we presented it to him over the past years.  Recently he said that Antonio's testimony had impressed him greatly and he was ready to be saved! Antonio is the only one who would witness to him without attacking the dozens of "saints" (idols) he had all over his house! Tio Eurico said: "Many have preached to me, but few have preached the truth!"

Rejoice with us and with the angels in Heaven!

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